Cleared Hot Episode 37 – Children of the Gun

Other than the endless political banter, guns, and specifically school shootings have lead the headlines recently, and for good reason.

My children are now being called the “Mass Shooting Generation,” a term I wholeheartedly disagree with. Our use of language, much like our objectivity, has been utterly lost.

We can continue to look for “light switch” solutions to these complex issues that did not arrive overnight, or we can, as a society, agree that there is a problem, and commit ourselves to the work needed to create an actual change.

It all starts with remaining objective, and not giving in to our emotions.

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  1. 100%. Losing our language has been happening for a long time. Some people think- it’s just it’s evolution. We exaggerate. Think about the people who say they are starving or famished and really aren’t. Are they malnourished? Maybe. Until they meet starvin Marvin with his flies and his distended belly. Is it even a comparison? Nope.
    We marginalize theses cases, try to be empathetic and then misread it as if its truly us. Way too emotional bro. Objectivity is lost.

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