Cleared Hot Episode 17 – Reflections on Vegas and a successful elk hunt

It was one hell of a week. I started my hunt with the news that the Vegas shooting had occurred hours before I woke up. There is some great information being discussed, and some wildly inaccurate information being touted as fact. It was, and is a tragedy. I hope our country is mature enough to take the time for reflection, and potentially improvement. In other news that does not matter…I was successful in my elk hunt.

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  1. Well done Andy on both sections. The 2nd Amendment is there like each of the amendments to protect the rights of individuals, and from the original intent it was there so that individuals would have a chance to be free of oppression. It’s a complicated argument and as you point out complicated further by change. However, “this should be permitted because of hunting” or “self defense” falls flat for me. The government’s use of weaponry is far more egregious than that of citizens. It’s backwards to say “we should further over-empower the government so we the people will be more safe.” But that’s just my take and my focus with trying to stick to the principle of the 2nd amendment. Personal self defense was considered so fundamental to the founders it isn’t even mentioned in the constitution or bill of rights – I don’t think they could imagine a future in which that was questioned.
    That archery elk, wow, great hunt, I could feel it as you spoke of it. Thanks. I’m going to the Wasatch mountains with my daughter next weekend to hunt mule deer, it’s incredibly beautiful out there. You have me thinking about an elk archery tag for next year!

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