Episode # 9 – Jason Khalipa

Episode 9 with 2008 CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa. What began as a competitive CrossFit career has evolved into a business empire. His facilities can be found across the globe, and it is not accidental. I have never seen the man not smiling, even in the midst of challenges that would strain even the strongest of families. Athletics, business, Lukemia, and his desire to raise awareness and make a difference.


  1. You say you’re envious of people who have faith. Let me encourage you to not stop there but to examine that.

    Many people equate faith with belief or certainty. Not so. Faith is merely taking action on something you have come to believe. And belief is based on knowledge. So no one would expect you to have faith in something you don’t know much about.

    Let me encourage you to educate yourself on Jesus’s life and teachings. Learn about him by reading the New Testament, visiting bible-believing churches, and talking to Christians.

    What have you got to lose? Well, actually everything if you’re wrong.

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